Nāgārjuna’s Reason Sixty (Yuktiṣaṣṭikā)

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with Chandrakīrti's Commentary (Yuktiṣaṣṭikāvṛtti)

Joseph Loizzo

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The Reason Sixty is the most concise philosophical work by the second-century Indian Buddhist philosopher Nāgārjuna. It is one of that master’s works most often cited by Centrist (Madhyamaka) commentators, and it is included in the Sixfold Canon of Reason (rigs tshogs drug) which forms the textual basis for Centrist studies in the Tibetan philosophical curriculum. Standing midway between his other masterpieces on philosophy and religion, in the Reason Sixty Nāgārjuna describes the central thrust of his therapeutic philosophy of language—the elimination of cognitive bias and affective resistances to the gradual cultivation of nondualistic wisdom and compassion.

The seventh-century Centrist master Chandrakīrti, concerned with applying his language therapeutic method to define the social epistemology of Centrism, likewise links the critical hermeneutic-pedagogy and the practical therapeutic-anthropology of his other works in his acclaimed Reason Sixty Commentary.

Includes detailed introductory essays, annotated translations, critical Tibetan editions, trilingual glossary, intellectual-historical and biographical tables, bibliography, and index.

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  • Hardcover
  • 464 pages, 6 x 9 inches
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  • ISBN 9780975373422
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Nāgārjuna’s Reason Sixty (Yuktiṣaṣṭikā)

Joseph Loizzo is an adjunct assistant professor in the Religion Department at Columbia University.

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