May 2022 Member Newsletter

We’re excited to share what’s new to the Wisdom Experience this May and hope these resources continue to provide you with moments of inspiration, adventure, and awakening for you.


During the month of May, Becoming the Compassion Buddha is available to Free members, and the film Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy, Part 3 is available to both Plus and Free members.

Becoming the Compassion Buddha
Lama Thubten Yeshe
Venerable Robina Courtin

“An intimate book, so clear and compassionate, you know you are listening to the unforgettable voice of Lama Yeshe, one of the great teachers of our time.”—Sogyal Rinpoche


Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy, PartPart 3: The Fields of the Senses
Set in the majestic mountain landscape of Ladakh, Part 3 is a meditation on impermanence and the relationship between the mind, body and environment. It follows the monks and farmers through a day, ending with an unflinching depiction of the monastery’s moving ritual response to a death in the community. As in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the departed is guided through the dream-like intermediate state between death and birth.

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Filmed in spring 2021, in this retreat, Lama Alan granted an oral transmission and commentary to Düdjom Lingpa’s revealed treatise, The Vajra Essence. The teachings pick up where the first Vajra Essence retreat left off the year before, beginning with the section on “Combating the Faults of Benefit and Harm.” These teachings explore the emptiness of inherent existence of all those beings “out there” whom we may regard as true sources of our happiness and distress. He then explains the difference between pristine awareness that is present in the ground, and the path of pristine awareness. In Phase 4 he points out that after you have ascertained the view of emptiness, you must reveal the nature of the ground, Samantabhadra. For this, there are two possibilities: directly identifying it in your own being by practicing the Great Perfection alone, and identifying it in dependence upon the expedient path of the stage of generation. This is followed by a detailed explanation of core elements of the stage of generation practice as viewed from the perspective of the Great Perfection. Visit The Vajra Essence, Part 2 Retreat Homepage to learn more and start studying now.


Enjoy the recording of our most recent Wisdom Dharma Chat with special guests Ven. Robina Courtin and Ven. Thubten Choyki. They and host Daniel Aitken discuss:

  • the foundation and development of the Liberation Prison Project;
  • moving examples of prisoner experiences;
  • the Tibetan astrological calendar and other fundraising efforts;
  • how students provide support to prisoners through the Project;
  • a new opportunity in the Liberation Prison Project Director role;
  • and much more.

The Liberation Prison Project offers spiritual advice and teachings, as well as Dharma books and materials, to people in prison interested in exploring, studying, and practicing Buddhism. Since 1996 the project has supported the Buddhist practice of over 20,000 men and women in prisons around the world to transform their lives.


Discover all of the books in our Reading Room under the “Explore” menu on our website. Books in our Reading Room are available exclusively for Plus and All-Access members.

New in the Reading Room

Beyond Distraction
Shaila Catherine

Beyond Distraction: Five Practical Ways to Focus the Mind offers a comprehensive map for accomplishing the inviting promise of the title. Shaila Catherine draws on her deep reservoir of meditative experience and her careful study of the Buddha’s teachings to highlight many of the familiar obstacles in meditation practice, and how to overcome them. This book contains a wealth of pragmatic advice for both new and experienced meditators, and it will be an invaluable guide for all those journeying on the path to greater freedom.”—Joseph Goldstein, author of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening


Also in Your Reading Room

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New Releases & Back in Stock

The following books were released in April, are available to purchase early on our website, or are now back in stock: 


This episode of the Wisdom Podcast features an interview with Daniel A. Hirshberg, who earned a PhD from Harvard University in 2012 and was associate professor in the Department of Classics, Philosophy, & Religion at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Since recording this podcast, Dan left his tenured professorship to found SŌTERIC.

In this episode, host Daniel Aitken and Dan discuss

  • Dan’s path to the academic Dharma world through studying with Professor Jan Willis, Naropa University, and study and practice in Asia;
  • studies with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s Nalandabodhi Community and the Nitartha Shedra curriculum;
  • Dan’s engagement in historical studies of the influential Nyingma teacher Nyangrel (Nyangrel Nyima Özer, c.1124–1192), King Trisong Detsen, and the Padmasambhava lineage and lore;
  • the foundation and culture of the terma/tertön tradition and the sacred world throughout Tibetan history and into today;
  • practical perspectives on the future of Buddhist literary traditions in the modern age, and the nature of validation in authentic teachings;
  • modern contemplative research and application through secular pedagogical techniques;
  • Dan’s recent book, Remembering the Lotus-Born: Padmasambhava in the History of Tibet’s Golden Age;
  • and much more.


Don’t miss out on Gompa Wisdom Teachings. Available to Plus and All-Access members of the Wisdom Experience, Gompa Wisdom Teachings offer members a chance to learn directly from senior lamas and support the Dharma activities of major monasteries and nunneries throughout India and Nepal and a growing number of teaching centers all over the world. Each year we’ll be bringing three major teachings or courses by eminent Rinpoches or senior teachers to the Wisdom Experience. Our first Gompa Wisdom Teaching is a rare opportunity to receive comprehensive teaching from H. H. the 42nd Sakya Trizin, Ratna Vajra Rinpoche, on one of the most revered works in the Sakya tradition, The Beautiful Ornament of the Three Visions

Plus and All-Access members of the Wisdom Experience also receive special discounted access to all of Gompa’s online services and member-supporter benefits, including access to Gompa’s extensive library of teachings and courses. Visit the Gompa Wisdom Teachings homepage for more information.

This episode of the Wisdom Podcast, recorded live as a Wisdom Dharma Chat, features an interview with David Nichtern, a senior Buddhist teacher, meditation guide, Emmy award–winning composer and musician, and founder of Dharma Moon. David is the author of two books with Wisdom: Awakening from the Daydream and Creativity, Spirituality, and Making a Buck.

In this episode, David and host Daniel Aitken explore the theme of the sword of prajna, or wisdom, including

  • various translations of the word prajna,
  • what discernment means in practice,
  • how prajna is free from aggression,
  • how to develop prajna,
  • groundlessness and comfort,
  • how to use the sword of prajna,
  • and much more.

David also has an upcoming meditation teacher training and introduction to mindfulness course. Learn more and register here.

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