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Ornament of Dakpo Kagyü Thought
Rangjung Dorjé Mendong Tsampa Rinpoché
Translated by Sarah Harding
$16.95 | ebook $12.99

Calm Breath, Calm Mind
Geshe YongDong Losar
$15.95 | ebook $11.99

Mind Sky
Jakusho Kwong-roshi

The Dharma of Poetry
By John Brehm
$15.95 | ebook $10.99

Beyond Distraction
Shaila Catherine
$18.95 | ebook $13.99

The Secret of the Sand Castles
$19.95 | ebook $12.99


Storied Companions
By Karen Derris
$18.95 | ebook $12.99


Mahāmudrā: A Practical Guide
By His Eminence Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche
$19.95 | ebook $12.99

Molly Coxe
$19.95 | ebook $12.99


The Extraordinary Life of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama
Narrated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Text and Art by Rima Fujita
$19.95 | ebook $11.99

Vasubandhu’s “Three Natures”
Ben Connelly
$18.95 | ebook $13.99

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Zen
By Seigaku Amato
$18.95 | ebook $12.99

Mindfulness in Plain English
By Bhante Gunaratana
$16.95 | ebook $12.99

Tibetan Yoga
By Alejandro Chaoul
$18.95 | ebook $13.99

I See You, Mara!
By Josh Bartok
Illustrated by Demi
$19.95 | ebook $12.99

Awake Where You Are
By Martin Aylward
$18.95 | ebook $13.99

Veggiyana: The Dharma of Cooking
Sandra Garson
$19.95 | ebook $14.99


Meditations on the Trail
By Christopher Ives
$14.95 | ebook $10.99

Bearing the Unbearable
By Joanne Cacciatore
$15.95 | ebook $9.99

The Grace in Living
Kathleen Dowling Singh
$17.95 | $11.99

Buddhism for Dudes
By Gerry Stribling
$14.95 | ebook $10.99pat

Meditation on the Nature of Mind
By His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Khöntön Peljor Lhündrub, and José I. Cabezón
$16.95 | ebook $12.99

Who Ordered This Truckload Of Dung?
Ajahn Brahm
$16.95 | Ebook $12.35

When the Chocolate Runs Out
By Lama Yeshe Rinpoche
$9.95 | ebook $7.99

The Dharma of Star Wars
By Matthew Bortolin
$16.95 | ebook $9.99

The Diamond Cutter Sutra
Khenpo Sodargye
$18.95 | $ebook $11.99

Moody Cow Meditates
By Kerry Lee MacLean
$17.95 | ebook $10.99

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Explore meaningful gifts for everyone on your list in our Holiday Gift Guide.

When we say of a gift, “It’s the thought that counts,” we acknowledge that a thoughtful token can be so much more meaningful than an extravagant gesture. These gifts are designed to enrich the lives of your loved ones more than the latest covetable gadget or luxury item ever could.

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