Discover your next big insight with your Wisdom Experience membership.

Picture a world where profound Buddhist teachings are at your fingertips, supporting your spiritual journey whenever you seek guidance.

Imagine having direct access to the timeless wisdom of revered masters such as the Dalai Lama, the Sakya Trichen, and an array of powerful teachers.

Visualize spending a year delving into one topic across traditions. Or, spending a year with one teacher diving deeply into the teachings of one tradition.

Can you envision it? 

We could, which is why we created the Wisdom Experience. Designed to bring Buddhist practitioners, scholars, and the curious even closer to the heart of the Buddha’s teachings, a membership to the Wisdom Experience means stepping into a world where profound wisdom is accessible, where community thrives, and where your journey on the path is nurtured and celebrated.

Our new In-Depth membership takes that even further and provides a year of comprehensive study for you on a wide range of topics! And our non-profit mission means we’re committed to reinvesting every membership contribution into sharing the Dharma, supporting teachers, and expanding our library of exceptional Buddhist content. By becoming a member, you become a vital part of this process. You can learn more about our In-Depth membership, or simply click “Join” to embark on this transformative path now.


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