Momentary Buddhahood

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“An extraordinary book.”—Deborah Schoeberlein, author of Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness


Mindfulness and the Vajrayana Path

Anyen Rinpoche

We think of enlightenment as something that happens all at once, like a tidal wave that cleans away everything impure. In truth, however, realization happens incrementally, from moment to moment. And in any moment when true wisdom is recognized, all concepts and afflictions are freed right on the spot and we can affirm for ourselves that the experience of enlightenment is possible. When we do, we experience a moment of the mind of a buddha—“momentary buddhahood.”

In this tantalizing presentation, Anyen Rinpoche offers a vision of the crucial necessity of mindfulness in any exploration of the Buddha’s path—especially the path of tantric practice.

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Momentary Buddhahood

Anyen Rinpoche was born in Amdo, Tibet. His lineage can be traced back directly to the renowned Dzogchen master Patrul Rinpoche, author of Words of My Perfect Teacher. Anyen Rinpoche’s training included more than fourteen years of intensive study combined with solitary retreat before he obtained the degree of khenpo (master teacher) and became the head scholar of his monastic university in Kham, Tibet. Rinpoche is known for his profound understanding of the scriptures as well as his easy-to-understand interpretation of them. He has taught extensively in Tibet and China and now mentors students throughout Southeast Asia, Japan, and North America.
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