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We’re thrilled to be able to offer you 1,000+ hours of exclusive ad-free video content through the Wisdom Experience. This video content offered through the Wisdom Experience includes:

  • Documentary films such as Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy Part 1, and Sky Burial
  • Courses and lecture series where you can learn directly from great teachers including Alan B. Wallace, Robert Thurman, Ven. Thubten Chodron, David Loy, and more
  • Exclusive interviews and video podcasts with authors and teachers such as His Holiness the Sakya Trichen Rinpoche, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Dza Kilung Rinpoche, Koshin Paley Ellison, David Nichtern, and more
  • Steaming of live events including book launches and university lectures
  • Recordings of live events including concerts and interviews
  • And more!

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