Wisdom Dharma Chat | Tashi Mannox

This Wisdom Dharma Chat features special guest Tashi Mannox behind the scenes of his upcoming Wisdom Academy course, Tibetan Calligraphy II. Tashi and host Daniel Aitken discuss the spiritual and meditative process required to create art, the upcoming course, the impact Tashi’s practice has on his art and visa-versa, and much more. Tashi also provided a live demonstration, of which one participant was the lucky winner.

Congratulations to Cindy for winning!


Born to a Buddhist family in the United Kingdom, Tashi Mannox first took notice of the Tibetan language at about the age of 13. At the age of 22, Tashi himself took the precepts of a Buddhist monk. Being artistically inclined, he developed his Tibetan writing skills while working as a scribe. His teachers in Tibetan calligraphy include H.E. Tai Situ Rinpoche and Akong Tulku Rinpoche, and he has studied Lantsa Sanskrit with Lama Pema Lodrup of Dharmsala. Now, some decades into a career that has seen him exhibit his work in galleries the world over, Tashi has developed a unique style all of his own. Timeless and contemporary, his work blends the universality of Buddha-Dharma with the innovation and wry humor of contemporary practice. Tashi is also the author of Sacred Scripts, endorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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