Wisdom Dharma Chats | Marc Wennberg

Please enjoy this unedited recording of our Wisdom Dharma Chat with host Daniel Aitken and special guest Marc Wennberg.

This was a special “film premiere” episode of Wisdom Dharma Chats, where we watched and discussed some clips from Marc’s film Precious Guru.

Marc shares stories about what it was like to film in Mongolia, Tibet, and Bhutan, and discusses the mythology and the history of Guru Rinpoche, the power of being connected to the land, why he chose bluegrass for the film’s soundtrack, and much more.

Mentioned in this episode

  • All-Access members of the Wisdom Experience can watch Precious Guru here.
  • From Marc: “I followed up on the question from the audience about the Tibetan name for Creation Mountain . . . there are several Tibetan names, one of which is Shambo Ri. Also, we just posted a short video with excerpts from our kora around Creation Mountain, which can be found here.”

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