Geoffrey Barstow: Was the Buddha Vegetarian? (#177)


This episode of the Wisdom Podcast features Geoffrey Barstow. Geoff is an assistant professor of Philosophy and Religion at Oregon State University. He has been a student of Choky Nyima Rinpoche for more than 20 years and he spent over six years conducting research in Nepal, China, and Tibet. His studies focused on animal ethics, the relationship between humans and animals, and what that can teach us about Tibetan Buddhism. In this episode, Daniel and Geoff discuss vegetarianism in Tibetan Buddhism, as well as, a common topic of debate in Buddhist circles, should all Buddhists be vegetarian?

Additionally, they also discuss: 

  • Geoff’s book The Faults of Meat;
  • the origins of Geoff’s interest in Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism; 
  • vegetarianism and its relation to the threefold purity; and
  • much more!

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