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Tibetan Yoga, Part 2

A Wisdom Academy Online Course with Alejandro Chaoul

About this Course

Building on the practices taught in Dr. Alejandro Chaoul’s first Wisdom Academy course, this course provides valuable insight into the trulkhor (magical movement) practices emphasized in the blessed Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu tradition. Experienced teacher Alejandro Chaoul provides practical guidance on a range of powerful yogas, meticulously demonstrating each individual movement. You’ll learn how to clear obstacles of body, breath, and mind and use these three purified doors of action to encounter your Buddha nature.



Lesson 1: Replete with Blessings: The Lineage of Magical Movement

Dr. Ale Chaoul begins the course by introducing the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu tradition of trulkhor (magical movement). He discusses the extraordinary origins and preservation of the lineage of practice as well as his own personal connection with that lineage. You’ll learn and practice a four-part breathing of the internal tsalung movement that will enhance your pervasive breath and magical movement practices.


Lesson 2: Embodying Altruism: Empowering Bodhicitta with Pervasive Breath

Ale shares his personal perspective on how these powerful trulkhor practices amplify your connections with the bodhicitta motivation, the lineage of practitioners, and your natural state of primordial purity. You’ll gain greater familiarity with the pervasive breath through an external tsalung practice from the Mother Tantra (Ma Gyu) as well as the ngondro (foundational) trulkhor of the A-Tri tradition. In addition, you’ll be introduced to the important gentle-breath retention practice (jam lung).


Lesson 3: Practicing the Essence: The Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu Ngondro Movements Available on: 26-Jul-2024

Ale elucidates how the ngondro practices are presented in Shardza Rinpoche Tashi Gyaltsen’s essential commentary on the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu Trulkhor root text. He fleshes out how Shardza presents the six-part movement outlined in the root text as five movements. You’ll continue to train with Ale in the ever-deepening practice sessions, adding these five-movement and six-part movement ngondro practices to your repertoire.


Lesson 4: Fruits of Labor: Appreciating the Benefits of Foundational Trulkhor Available on: 02-Aug-2024

Ale takes a step back from the finer details of the movements to consider the extraordinary benefits of these Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu Trulkhor practices. Following the advice of the great yogi Pongyal Tsenpo, Ale delves deeper into how these magical movements help to balance and recalibrate the channels and winds and provide a basis for purer awareness and lucidity. You’ll learn how to introduce standing and lying postures into your practice sessions to promote greater vitality and restfulness, respectively.


Lesson 5: Dispelling Hindrances Individually: The Distinctive Movements of the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu Available on: 09-Aug-2024

Ale concludes his focus on the ngondro practices and begins exploring how the distinctive (chedrag) movements clear away obstacles in the various parts of the body in a different manner. You’ll become better acquainted with the previous practices as well as learn how to apply the five-part sequence of distinctive movements propagated by the great master Orgom Kundul.


Lesson 6: Dexterity of Movement: The Standing Practice of Trulkhor Available on: 16-Aug-2024

In accordance with the tradition of Orgom Kundul, Ale describes how the distinctive movements help clear away obstacles and imbalances in the physical constituents. You’ll build greater familiarity with the initial and concluding phases of the practice session and learn how to engage in these distinctive movements with the standing-up concluding movement.


Lesson 7: Releasing the Heart’s Pressure Valve: The Bouncing Jewel Technique Available on: 23-Aug-2024

Ale provides instruction on how to apply Yangton Chenpo and Bumje O’s “bouncing jewel” practice to dispel obstacles in the heart area. You’ll practice this important technique with Ale and also reacquaint yourself with the three-A connection, jamlung, inner tsalung, ngondro, and distinctive trulkhor practices.


Lesson 8: Off the Cushion: Recalling Trulkhor in Daily Life Available on: 30-Aug-2024

Ale concludes the course by emphasizing the deeper meaning of these yogas—how they help purify the “three doors” of body, speech/breath, and mind and bring the magic into everyday life. You’ll appreciate how applying these yogas connects you to a living tradition of practice and creates an internal environment of spaciousness where the light of rigpa can dawn for yourself and others. You’ll also discover practical techniques for recollecting these yogas and returning your mind to its natural state in daily life.

About the Teacher

Dr. Alejandro Chaoul is a Senior Teacher of The 3 Doors, an international organization founded by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche with the goal of transforming lives through meditationAlejandro has studied in the Tibetan tradition since 1989, and for over 20 years with Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, completing the 7-year training at Ligmincha Institute in 2000. He also holds a PhD in Tibetan religions from Rice University. Since 1995, he has been teaching meditation classes and Tibetan Yoga (Tsa Lung & Trul Khor) workshops nationally and internationally under the auspices of Ligmincha Institute. In 1999 he began teaching these techniques at the Integrative Medicine Program of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, where he holds a faculty position and for the last fifteen years conducts research on the effect of these practices in people with cancer. Alejandro is author of Chod Practice in the Bon Tradition (Snow Lion, 2009) and Tibetan Yoga for Health & Well-Being (Hay House, 2018), and is the founding Director for the Mind Body Spirit Institute at the Jung Center of Houston.