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The Four Immeasurables, Part 2

A Wisdom Academy Online Course with B. Alan Wallace

Lesson 1: Empathetic Joy

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In this lesson, Alan introduces the third of the four immeasurables: empathetic joy. He explains how we can recognize the nature of empathetic joy, and what it means to take delight in our own virtues without falling into narcissism. The lesson also covers:

  • Uncontrived bodhicitta, and how it can be cultivated
  • How we can maintain bodhicitta even when the situation is very difficult
  • Shantideva’s teachings on bodhicitta
  • Practicing with self-doubt and self-judgment
  • The practice of gratitude for precious human rebirth
  • What it means to be on the first stage of the bodhisattva path
  • The importance of reaching this path
  • How the practice of appreciative joy can be an uplifting practice
  • The benefits of practicing appreciative joy
  • Freedom from cynicism


This lesson includes a self-directed mudita practice.

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