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The Foundations of Mindfulness

A Wisdom Academy Online Course with Venerable Bhikkhu Anālayo

Lesson 1: Mindful Eating

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This first lesson introduces the course as a whole before moving into our first area of exploration: mindful eating. In the introductory lecture, Bhikkhu Anālayo offers a short introduction to the 12 lectures in this course by providing a framework for its structure, and explaining his presentation style and his purpose behind it. An approach for bridging the cultural gap of 2500 years since oral transmission of the ancient texts is encouraged. He concludes by briefly discussing how transmission lineages came about, resulting in differences over time.

In the mindful eating lecture, Bhikkhu Anālayo introduces this relatable practice with which to start investigating mindfulness. Bhikkhu Anālayo discusses an account found in the early discourses that establishes precedent for current employment of mindfulness of eating for health purposes. Judson Brewer, guest lecturer, presents research on eating behavior. Meditation instruction takes up mindful eating, which can be easily woven into an activity we are already doing, without needing to create a special time or place.

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