Charles Manson: The Second Karmapa (#175)


This episode of the Wisdom Podcast features an interview with Charles Manson. Charles is a master woodcarver and author who spent several years as a Buddhist monk and in meditation retreats. He holds a master’s in theological studies from Harvard University and works as a librarian for the Tibetan Collections at the Bodleian Library at Oxford University and at the British Library in London.

In this episode, Charles and host Daniel Aitken discuss:

  • his book The Second Karmapa Karma Pakshi;
  • his eight-year retreat;
  • Karma Pakshi’s impact on Möngke Khan court;
  • Kublai Khan’s capture and exile of Karma Pakshi;
  • lungsem breathing meditation practice;
  • and more!

Items mentioned in this podcast: 

Early 14th-Century Portrait of Karma Pakshi
16th Karmapa in the Karma Pakshi pose at Tsurpu Pre-1959
Karma Pakshi Travel Map
Om Ma-Ni Pe-Me Hung Sheet music
Om Ma-Ni Pe-Me Hung Recording of Nick Perry playing medieval shawm
Charles during retreat at Karma Pakshi cave


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