Histories of Tibet

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“Students of Tibetan intellectual and cultural history have long been indebted to Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp for his prodigious and pathbreaking scholarship. Histories of Tibet is a felicitous tribute to this unsurpassed giant in the field of Tibetan studies, gathering together a treasure trove of illuminating and authoritative essays by some of van der Kuijp’s closest students and colleagues. An outstanding volume that is accessible not only to scholars of Tibetan history but to anyone whose imagination has been held by Tibet and its enchanting Buddhist culture.” —Bryan J. Cuevas, John F. Priest Professor of Religion, Florida State University

“This tour de force reflects Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp’s profound impact on the field of modern Tibetan studies through decades of teaching, scholarship, and magnanimous leadership. Students and colleagues have contributed research that honors van der Kuijp’s meticulous care and dauntless commitment to investigating a diverse range of historical evidence. The happy marriage of philology and humanity is evident in van der Kuijp’s oeuvre, as well as in this impressive volume. This is essential reading for all who are interested in the cultural, intellectual, and institutional history of Tibet.” —Dominique Townsend, author of A Buddhist Sensibility: Aesthetic Education at Tibet's Mindröling Monastery


Essays in Honor of Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp

Kurtis Schaeffer Jue Liang William McGrath

The thirty-four essays in this volume follow the particular interests of Leonard van der Kuijp, whose groundbreaking research in Tibetan intellectual and cultural history imbued his students with an abiding sense of curiosity and discovery.

As part of Leonard van der Kuijp’s research in Tibetan history, he patiently and expertly revealed treasures of the Tibetan intellectual tradition in fourteenth-century Tsang, seventeenth-century Lhasa, or eighteenth-century Amdo. The thirty-four essays in this volume follow the particular interests of the honoree and express the comprehensive research that his international cohort has engaged in alongside his generous tutelage over the course of forty years. His inquisitiveness can be experienced through every one of his writings and can be found as well in these new essays in intellectual, cultural, and institutional history by Christopher Beckwith, Yael Bentor, the late Hubert Decleer, Franz-Karl Ehrhard, Jörg Heimbel and David Jackson, Nathan Hill, Isabelle Henrion-Dourcy, Matthew Kapstein, Todd Lewis, Kurtis Schaeffer, Peter Schwieger, Gray Tuttle, Pieter Verhagen, Michael Witzel, and others.

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Histories of Tibet

Kurtis R. Schaeffer is the Frances Myers Ball Professor in the department of religious studies at the University of Virginia, where he co-directs the Tibetan Buddhist studies program. His books include Himalayan Hermitess, Dreaming the Great Brahmin, The Culture of the Book in Tibet, An Early Tibetan Catalogue of Buddhist Literature (with Leonard van der Kuijp), and The Life of the Buddha by Tenzin Chögyel.

Histories of Tibet

Jue Liang is assistant professor of religion at Denison University, where she teaches courses on Asian religions and cultures. Her publications include “Questioning Women: Ye shes mtsho rgyal and Other Female Disciples in Zhus lan Literature” (Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines) and “Tilling the Fields of Merit: The Institutionalization of Feminine Enlightenment in Tibet’s First Khenmo Program” (Journal of Buddhist Ethics, with Andrew S. Taylor).

Histories of Tibet

William A. McGrath is the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Assistant Professor of Buddhist Studies at New York University, where he teaches in the department of religious studies. His research concerns the historical intersections of religion and medicine in Tibet, and he recently edited the volume Knowledge and Context in Tibetan Medicine (2019).

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