Liberation from Samsara

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Oral Instructions on the Preliminary Practices of Longchen Nyingthik

Kyabjé Dodrupchen Rinpoché Tulku Thondup Rinpoche

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This rare teaching by Rinpoché is a uniquely concise volume of the teachings of the path to liberation that is authentic, authoritative, and complete.

In Liberation from Samsara, the Fourth Kyabjé Dodrupchen Rinpoché presents the Longchen Nyingthik preliminary teachings, with a special focus on guru yoga. These teachings, from the innermost secret instruction of Dzogchen, constitute a complete path to enlightenment.

After discussing the ways to turn our mind toward Dharma and the trainings, Rinpoché provides guru yoga instruction as he turns to the main tantric practice: meditations on unifying one’s mind with Guru Rinpoché’s wisdom mind. This rare teaching by Rinpoché, though intentionally succinct to accommodate the needs of contemporary Western practitioners, presents a complete path to enlightenment. It contrasts three different paths to liberation: Shravakayana (the way of the disciple), Pratyekabuddhayana (the way of the self-enlightened buddha), and Mahāyāna (the way of the bodhisattva), which is our way, our boundless intention to seek refuge in order to free all sentient beings from samsaric suffering.

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Liberation from Samsara

Kyabjé Dodrupchen Rinpoché was born in 1927 in the Golok province of Far Eastern Tibet, and is one of the most important living masters in the Nyingma and Dzokchen traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Rinpoché has made frequent visits to the West, sharing important teachings of the Nyingma lineage, the root volumes of Longchen Nyingthik, the essential empowerments of Dzokchen, and many other teachings on how to be liberated from the suffering of samsara by practicing guru yoga. He resides in Chorten Monastery in Sikkim, India.

Liberation from Samsara

Tulku Thondup Rinpoche was born in Golok, Eastern Tibet, and recognized as a reincarnate lama at age five. He left Tibet as a political refugee in 1958 and taught at Lucknow University and Visva Bharati University in India before coming to the United States as a visiting scholar at Harvard University in 1980. Since then, he has lived and worked in Cambridge, Massachusetts, engaged in translation and writing projects on Tibetan Buddhism, focused particularly on the teachings of the Nyingma school. He is the author of numerous books on history, literature, mind, and meditation.

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