the svātantrika-prāsaṅgika distinction

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“A brilliantly riveting and scholarly tour-de-force.”—Anne C. Klein, Rice University, author, Path to the Middle


What Difference Does a Difference Make?

Georges B.J. Dreyfus Sara L. McClintock

Madhyamaka, or “Middle Way,” philosophy came to Tibet from India and became the basis of all of Tibetan Buddhism. The Tibetans, however, differentiated two streams of Madhyamaka philosophy—Svātantrika and Prāsaṅgika. In this collection, leading scholars in the field address the distinction on various levels, including the philosophical import for both Indian and Tibetan Madhyamaka and the historical development of the distinction itself.

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The Svātantrika-Prāsaṅgika Distinction

Georges Dreyfus was the first Westerner to obtain the title of Geshe Lharampa, the highest degree confered within the traditional Tibetan monastic system. He earned his PhD in the History of Religions at the University of Virginia. He is presently Professor of Religion at Williams College.

The Svātantrika-Prāsaṅgika Distinction

Sara L. McClintock is an assistant professor of religion at Emory University, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Bryn Mawr College, her master’s in world religions from Harvard Divinity School, and her doctorate in religion from Harvard University. She has spent time as a researcher at the Central Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies in Sarnath and the University of Lausanne, and has taught at Carleton College and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her interests include both narrative and philosophical traditions in South Asian Buddhism, with particular focus on issues of metaphysics, hermeneutics, and rhetoric.

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