The Complete Illustrated Guide to Zen

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Seigaku Amato

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Zen offers a comprehensive overview of Soto Zen Buddhism in a delightfully captivating way. Complete with dynamic, detailed illustrations, Soto Zen Priest Seigaku Amato uses a semi-narrative style to take you on a visual tour of Buddhism and, using specifics to illuminate universals, dives deep into the practices and forms of Soto Zen.

Whether you are just taking your first step or have been practicing Zen for years, this creative and profound book will be a constant companion and guide on your journey as it explores topics such as: 

  • A brief history of Buddhism
  • An iconographic overview of various buddhas and bodhisattvas
  • An introduction to the various practices of Zen including meditation (zazen), work practice (samu), and meditative eating (oryoki)
  • A what’s what of holidays, ceremonies, temple instruments, and religious vestments
  • A how-to guide for setting up a home altar

“This is a cute book! But it’s not just cute, it’s also deep and profound, and is one of the best guides to Zen practice I have ever come across. The illustrations are delightful and the written sections are clear and easy to understand. I give it a million zillion stars!”—Brad Warner, author of Hardcore Zen

“I loved this book and smiled the whole way through. But don’t be fooled by its whimsy! There’s a wealth of experience, knowledge, and devotion behind these illustrations. This book is a perfect guide for a beginning Zen student and makes a delicious snack for the more advanced practitioner.”—Gesshin Greenwood, author of Bow First, Ask Questions Later

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  • Paperback
  • 144 pages, 6.625 x 10.25 inches
  • $18.95
  • ISBN 9781614295716
  • ebook
  • 144 pages
  • $12.99
  • ISBN 9781614295952
about the author
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Zen

Seigaku Amato is a writer, illustrator, and Soto Zen Buddhist priest registered with the Soto-Shu of Japan and is an Assistant Minister at Long Beach Buddhist Church. His work has been published in Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Buddhadharma, and New World Library publications. Seigaku works full-time polishing the rough edges of his personality, which is a never ending job.

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