The User’s Guide to Spiritual Teachers

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“This concise handbook belongs in the hands of every new spiritual seeker. The author clearly outlines the joys and pitfalls of establishing a student-teacher relationship and clarifies numerous questions that beginners have as they enter this new terrain. There’s a quality of respect for our spiritual longing, and a sensitive guide to finding our way. This is an indispensable companion for anyone on the spiritual path.”—Pat Enkyo O’Hara, abbot of Village Zendo


Scott Edelstein

The User’s Guide to Spiritual Teachers is a necessary book for anyone who has, or wants to have, a spiritual teacher—regardless of faith or tradition. This book addresses concerns that many of us have on the spiritual path, including how to find a spiritual teacher, how to manage expectations about what they can do, and what to do when you realize you’re in a dangerous relationship with one. Spiritual teachers of all traditions will themselves find this book incredibly useful as they reflect on how they benefit their students or may be overstepping their boundaries and actually creating harm. This is your place to look for information, inspiration, sanity, and words of caution.

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The User’s Guide to Spiritual Teachers

Scott Edelstein has studied happily and productively with several spiritual teachers, including Toni Packer, Dainin Katagiri, Tim McCarthy, and (currently) Steve Hagen. As the friend of several spiritual teachers, he has also spent much time with them “off duty,” sometimes serving as confidant. He is a longtime practitioner of both Buddhism and Judaism, and a committed proponent of serious spirituality in all forms and traditions. Scott’s short work on spiritual topics has appeared in Shambhala Sun, American Jewish World, The Writer, the anthology What About God?, and elsewhere. He is also the author of 15 other books on a wide range of subjects.

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