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The Wisdom Academy is the leading provider of high-quality online courses about Buddhism and meditation.

The Wisdom Academy was founded in 2016. Since then, we’ve grown to be the leader in online Buddhist learning, with over 45 courses and over 6,000 students enrolled.

In the Academy, dedicated students come together with beloved teachers to learn authentic philosophy and practices for awakening.

Our courses offer teachings on Dzogchen, shamatha, mahamudra, vipassana, mindfulness, jhana, and much more. The clear, progressive structure of the courses will support you in learning about the profound philosophy and practices of the Dharma. You’ll discover the vivid and immediate ways that the teachings can create more ease, joy, and freedom in your daily life.

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“My experience of these teachings is life-changing in terms of how much they are helping me make progress along my spiritual path.”

—A student in the Wisdom Academy

Featured Courses

This course provides a comprehensive exploration of mindfulness, including topics such as how we can motivate ourselves to meditate, how to understand suffering, how to see impermanence, how mindfulness leads to true happiness, and much more.

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Discover your own profound potential for awakening as you explore the place where Dzogchen and mind training meet.

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Explore the great landscape of mind in this extraordinary course. Your guide is Thupten Jinpa, renowned scholar, translator for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and one of the world’s leading experts on Buddhism. 

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Abiding in Emptiness

The Wisdom Academy is deeply honored to be offering this extraordinary course in partnership with our friends at Tergar International. These teachings will guide you through the heart of emptiness as you witness two masterful teachers, from two distinct traditions of Buddhism, discuss some of the most profound aspects of the Dharma.

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Tsongkhapa's Madhyamaka

In Tsongkhapa’s Madhyamaka, Thupten Jinpa will take you on a ten-lesson journey through some of the most fascinating and important ideas in Buddhism. You’ll discover the mādhyamaka teachings of one of the most renowned minds in Tibet: influential monk and yogi Je Tsongkhapa Losang Dragpa (c. 1357–1419).

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Sutra and Tantra: The Profound and Miraculous

In this extraordinary course, Professor Robert Thurman explains Tsong Khapa’s essential points for understanding the union of relativity and voidness and the crucial instructions for the creation and perfection stages of Unexcelled Yoga Tantra.

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Alan Wallace Dzogchen Courses

Introduction to Dzogchen

In this popular Wisdom Academy online course, join renowned translator, Buddhist practitioner, and author B. Alan Wallace as he relays his immense knowledge of Dzogchen through memorable and engaging teachings.

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How the Mind Works

Explore Abhidharma psychology and Asanga’s list of 51 mental factors with the renowned scholar and translator Thupten Jinpa. Known for his work as His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s English interpreter, along with his many remarkable translations and charitable projects, Thupten Jinpa possesses a singular ability to guide you through the landscape of your mind and help you to illuminate its workings for yourself.

*This course is not included in the Holiday Sale. 

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Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche online course

Shila, Samadhi, and Prajna

Deepen your practice as Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, world-renowned teacher and meditation master, guides you through this ten-lesson course on meditation and the pith instructions on Buddha nature.

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The Illusory Body and Mind

A precious opportunity to receive teachings of striking clarity and depth from a masterful teacher, introducing profound teachings on bardo, nature of mind, ethics, and much more.

*This course is not included in the Holiday Sale. 

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Alejandro Chaoul - Tibetan Yoga Course - Buddhism online course

Tibetan Yoga

In this groundbreaking new Wisdom Academy course, Dr. Alejandro Chaoul illuminates the trul khor, or magical movements. Over the course of ten lessons, Dr. Chaoul guides you through a series of yogic postures and movements with exceptional detail and expertise, teaches you how to work with the anatomy of the subtle body, and shows you how to engage your breath to serve the practice of meditation and the cultivation of genuine well-being.

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Shamatha: Meditation for Balanced Living

The achievement of shamatha is widely regarded in the Buddhist tradition as an indispensable foundation for the cultivation of contemplative insight (vipashyana), and this course with B. Alan Wallace is designed to provide students with a sufficient theoretical understanding and a basis in experience to enable them to proceed effectively toward this extraordinary state of mental and physical balance.

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Atiśa's Pith Instructions on the Middle Way

In this course, you’ll be guided by Lama Alan Wallace as he presents his translation and guides students through this newly uncovered Atiśa text, Pith Instructions on the Middle Way (Madhyamakopadesha), with commentary by Prajñāmoksha.

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Freedom through Correct Knowing

Learn how to develop a mind that’s reliable for both your practice and everyday life, based on a Geluk presentation from a renowned Geshe.

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alan wallace online course dzogchen

The Four Applications of Mindfulness

In this course we investigate the nature of human identity and the possibility of freedom through the Buddha’s foundational instructions on the cultivation of vipashyana, or insight. B. Alan Wallace presents the four close applications of mindfulness — mindfulness on the body, feelings, the mind, and phenomena — through rich pith instruction on selections from the Pali canon, Mahayana sutras, and commentary from the Vajrayana and Dzogchen traditions.

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Padmasambhava Dzogchen online course

Dzogchen: Ten Key Terms

Radically deepen your understanding and practice of Dzogchen as you explore ten of its most important and frequently misunderstood terms with Acharya Malcolm Smith, the translator of the Seventeen Tantras.

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Dzogchen Teachings for Mountain Retreat

In this course, Lama Alan Wallace presents and comments on pith instructions of Dzogchen, the Great Perfection. Providing guidance on retreat, this course is based on the text Extracting the Vital Essence of Accomplishment: Concise and Clear Advice for Practice in a Mountain Retreat by twentieth-century Nyingma master Düdjom Rinpoché, Jigdral Yeshé Dorjé.

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Shamatha and Vipashyana in the Dzogchen Tradition

In this course with B. Alan Wallace, we enter the visionary world of nineteenth-century Dzogchen master Düdjom Lingpa to explore the nature and origins of the mind, the ground of consciousness itself.

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30+ courses. 5,000+ students. One Dharma.

There’s a famous Buddhist story that Geshe Sonam Rinchen summarized beautifully:

A blind turtle lives on the ocean bed and surfaces just once every hundred years. A golden yoke floats on the vast ocean, blown here and there by the wind. What are the chances of the turtle surfacing at just the right time and in just the right place to be able to put its head through the yoke? Our chances of gaining a life of freedom and fortune are just as improbable.

For many of us, finding the Dharma feels just this lucky. Here at Wisdom, our gratitude for the Dharma and its teachers and practitioners inspires everything we do. The Wisdom Academy emerged out of this gratitude, and the aspiration to help people everywhere see more clearly and live more freely.

The Academy has grown to be a core part of Wisdom’s nonprofit mission. You’re warmly invited to join this thriving community of meditators and Dharma-explorers who are deepening their practice and study with Wisdom Academy online courses. Scroll down to find the perfect course for you!

Early Buddhism & Theravada

Beyond Distraction

Learn how to overcome distraction in meditation practice and develop clarity in your relationships, work, and other activities in this course with highly-respected teacher, author, and jhana expert Shaila Catherine.

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Abiding in Emptiness

The Wisdom Academy is deeply honored to be offering this extraordinary course in partnership with our friends at Tergar International. These teachings will guide you through the heart of emptiness as you witness two masterful teachers, from two distinct traditions of Buddhism, discuss some of the most profound aspects of the Dharma.

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Emptiness: A Practical Course for Meditators

The teachings on emptiness—a theme central to all Buddhist schools—point to a series of understandings and practices that lead to deep insight and a radical experience of liberation.

This eight-lesson, self-paced course with renowned insight meditation teacher Guy Armstrong explores the teachings on emptiness and their application in our lives in a way that makes them practical and accessible.

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Introduction to the Manual of Insight

In this course led by respected insight meditation teachers Steve Armstrong and Kamala Masters, you’ll be introduced to the Manual of Insight by the renowned teacher and meditation master Mahāsi Sayadaw. Includes teachings on this foundational text, clear guidance in navigating essential topics, guided meditations, and more.

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Dharma for Challenging Times

Bearing the Unbearable

Based on the bestselling book Bearing the Unbearable: Love, Loss, and the Heartbreaking Path of Grief.

Grief expert and Zen priest Dr. Joanne Cacciatore knows first hand that when a loved one dies, the pain of loss can feel unbearable—especially in the case of a traumatizing death that leaves us shouting, “NO!” with every fiber of our body. In this course, Dr. Jo reveals how grief can open our hearts to connection, compassion, and the very essence of our shared humanity.

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The Dharma of Social and Ecological Engagement

Join renowned teacher David Loy to explore the path that joins current social and ecological concerns with the timeless wisdom of the Buddha. Delving into core Buddhist teachings on non-self, suffering, and karma, we address issues such as consumerism, the commodification of our attention, war, and climate change. We learn to integrate our individual Buddhist practice with the engagement our world desperately needs—a modern bodhisattva path.

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grieving grief how to grieve bereavement loss

Cultivating Emotional Balance

Discover greater happiness and well-being using insights and methods drawn from both Western psychology and Buddhist contemplative practices in this course with Tibetan Buddhist teacher Lama Alan Wallace and second-generation emotion researcher Dr. Eve Ekman.

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The Dharma of Well-Being

Drawing on insights and methods from both the Buddhist tradition and Western psychology and philosophy, Lama Alan Wallace invites you to investigate the causes of both genuine unhappiness and genuine well-being. You’ll start by looking into what genuine well-being is before delving into what it is not as Lama Alan explores the causes of suffering, mental afflictions, and unhappiness, along with the internal factors that often prevent us from being truly happy. He then turns to the causes of genuine happiness and offers skills, practices, and insights that will help you achieve genuine happiness.

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Buddhist Philosophy & Ideas

Illuminating the Mind

Join His Holiness the Dalai Lama in an exploration of the nature of mind with leading researchers, philosophers, and Buddhist scholars.

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Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions

In this course with Ven. Thubten Chodron, strengthen your knowledge and practice of Buddhism by understanding its varied traditions—how they came to be, what makes them different from each other, and what they have in common.

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Three Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma

Discover the powerful teachings in this classic framework of Buddhist philosophy with two respected scholars—Jay Garfield and Guy Newland—and come away with a deeper foundation in the Buddhadharma. Discover in the first turning a general understanding of nature of samsara and nirvana; in the second an exposition of emptiness from the side of the object; and in the third, an exposition of emptiness from the side of the subject.

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Buddhism and Science: Body, Breath, and Mind

Explore the frontier where Buddhism and science meet, guided by beloved teacher Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. Discover some of the most exciting, groundbreaking ideas in this interdisciplinary field as you witness dialogues between spiritual and scientific leaders from around the world. You’ll discover pioneering research and ideas about how science and spirituality bridge our human experience and inform our practice.

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Enrich Your Practice

The Varieties of Buddhist Meditation

Discover the theory and practice of the different styles of meditation as taught in India and Tibet with acclaimed scholar John Dunne. Contemplative practice plays a central role in all Buddhist traditions, and this course offers an accessible account of the varieties of core practices and their underlying theories. We begin by exploring the styles of practice prominent in early Buddhism, and then examine the new versions of practice, including tantric approaches, that arose with the Mahāyāna, or “Great Vehicle,” in India. We then turn to the contemplative styles that these Indian approaches inspire in the traditions of Tibet, such as the nondual practice of Mahāmudrā.

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Tibetan calligraphy online course Tashi Mannox

Tibetan Calligraphy

Enter the world of Tibetan calligraphy with Tashi Mannox, Dharma artist and one of the world’s foremost contemporary Tibetan calligraphers. In this course, Tashi will guide you through setting up and constructing each of the Tibetan letters in the popular Uchen script, including how to make and use the foundational grid that serves as the basis for each letter.

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The Four Immeasurables

The Four Immeasurables address our most fundamental human aspirations.

As the Dalai Lama teaches, our deepest drive as humans is tsewa: caring. And what do we care about? We care about not suffering, and experiencing happiness. This two-part course with Lama Alan Wallace will take you on a rich journey through your own quest for happiness, to where happiness actually lies.

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