Tibetan Yoga, Part 2

An Online Course with Dr. Alejandro Chaoul

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Unlock the Mysteries of the Breath

Learn important breathing practices and discover the power of the pervasive breath.

Develop a Practice for Profound Wellness

Discover an inexhaustible source of wellness and freedom within your own body, breath, and mind.

In the second course from beloved Tibetan yoga teacher Dr. Alejandro Chaoul, explore the magical movements of the Aural Transmission of Zhang Zhung at a profound level. You’ll learn important breathing practices and unlock the power of the pervasive breath.

This course will focus specifically on the pervasive breath (khyab lung) which Shardza Rinpoche, a 19th-century Bon Dzogchen master who composed an essential commentary on the root text for this course, calls the “principal breath.” While other breath practices are related to specific parts of the body, this breath pervades throughout as a “mandalic breath.”

The course begins July 12, 2024, but you can take the course at your own pace as enrolled students have ongoing access.

Tibetan Yoga, Part 2 takes your Tibetan yoga journey deeper as it guides you through exercises involving the pervasive breath to help you in your meditation practice and daily life.

Tuition: $297

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Benefits of Taking This Course

For over a thousand years, Tibetan yoga has been used in Tibetan Buddhist spiritual training primarily to enhance meditation by clearing away mental and physical obstacles like anger or drowsiness.

Now, in Dr. Ale Chaoul’s remarkable online courses, you can discover the practice for yourself as you learn how to abide more in your central channel and dispel primordial ignorance.

There’s a special and powerful healing that takes place when we unite our body, breath, and mind. Many people have discovered yoga as a path toward this vital alignment.

But while some forms of yoga have been popularized for physical health and well-being, the ancient practices of Tibetan yoga have often remained secretive.

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In his groundbreaking Wisdom Academy courses, Dr. Ale Chaoul will introduce you to Tibetan yoga, guiding you through a series of yogic postures and movements with exceptional detail and expertise.

This is a truly precious opportunity for you to discover an inexhaustible source of wellness and freedom within your own body, breath, and mind.

If you’re looking to develop a more profound, stable, or regular meditation practice, Tibetan yoga may be the key to unlocking that potential.

The magical movements of Tibetan yoga are intended to support meditators in their sitting practice. This is truly a holistic mind-body practice, supporting meditation in a wide range of ways, including helping with both dullness and agitation.

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Tuition: $297


After enrolling, check your email for a welcome email with instructions on how to take the course. When you enroll in any Wisdom Academy course, you agree to our terms of use. Enrolled students have lifetime access to course materials. Wisdom is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your tuition supports the creation of more courses like this one. Thank you! For more about our terms, please see the Wisdom Academy FAQ.

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Your Course Includes

HD videos demonstrating the practices

Curated readings

A forum for discussion and support

In August 2024 only, a live online demo and Q&A with Dr. Ale Chaoul

Lifetime access

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These two courses provide you with a wonderful practice of embodiment that promotes physical, energetic, and mental well-being, opening the door to your inner transformation or inner “magic.”

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Live Demo/Q&A

We are pleased to share that students enrolled in Tibetan Yoga, Part 2 are invited to join Dr. Chaoul for a live online demo and Q&A. The demo/Q&A will take place on August 6 at 6 PM EST and will last for 1 hour. Registration details will be sent to enrolled students closer to the time.

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Lesson Plan

Lesson 1: Replete with Blessings: The Lineage of Magical Movement

Dr. Ale Chaoul begins the course by introducing the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu tradition of Trul khor (magical movement). He discusses the extraordinary origins and preservation of the lineage of practice as well as his own personal connection with that lineage. You’ll learn and practice a four-part breathing of the internal Tsa lung movement that will enhance your pervasive breath and magical movement practices.

Lesson 2: Embodying Altruism: Empowering Bodhicitta with Pervasive Breath

Ale shares his personal perspective on how these powerful Trul khor practices amplify your connections with the bodhicitta motivation, the lineage of practitioners, and your natural state of primordial purity. You’ll gain greater familiarity with the pervasive breath through an external Tsa lung practice from the Mother Tantra (Ma Gyu) as well as the ngondro (foundational) Trul khor of the A-Tri tradition. In addition, you’ll be introduced to the important gentle-breath retention practice (jam lung).

The Actual Illusory Body and Mind Practice Session

Lesson 3: Practicing the Essence: The Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu Ngondro Movements

Ale elucidates how the ngondro practices are presented in Shardza Rinpoche Tashi Gyaltsen’s essential commentary on the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu Trulkhor root text. He fleshes out how Shardza condenses the six movements outlined in the root text into just five. You’ll continue to train with Ale in the ever-deepening practice sessions, adding these five-movement and six-part movement ngondro practices to your repertoire.

Lesson 4: Fruits of Labor: Appreciating the Benefits of Foundational Trul Khor

Ale takes a step back from the finer details of the movements to consider the extraordinary benefits of these Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu Trulkhor practices. Following the advice of the great yogi Pongyal Tsenpo, Ale delves deeper into how these magical movements help to balance and recalibrate the channels and winds and provide a basis for purer awareness and lucidity. You’ll learn how to introduce standing and lying postures into your practice sessions to promote greater vitality and restfulness, respectively.

Lesson 5: Dispelling Hindrances Individually: The Distinctive Movements of the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu

Ale concludes his focus on the ngondro practices and begins exploring how the distinctive (tib. bye brag) movements clear away obstacles in the various parts of the body in a different manner. You’ll become better acquainted with the previous practices as well as learn how to apply the five-part sequence of distinctive movements propagated by the great master Orgom Kundul.

Lesson 6: Dexterity of Movement: The Standing Practice of Trulkhor

In accordance with the tradition of Orgom Kundul, Ale describes how the distinctive movements help clear away obstacles and imbalances in the physical constituents. You’ll build greater familiarity with the initial and concluding phases of the practice session and learn how to engage in these distinctive movements with the standing-up concluding movement.

Lesson 7: Releasing the Heart’s Pressure Valve: Yangton Chenpo’s Bouncing Jewel Technique

Ale gives instruction on how to apply Yangton Chenpo and Bumje O’s “bouncing jewel” practice to dispel obstacles in the heart area. You’ll practice this important technique with Ale and also reacquaint yourself with the three-A connection, jam lung, inner Tsa lung, ngondro, and distinctive Trul khor practices.

Lesson 8: Off the Cushion: Recalling Trul Khor in Daily Life

Ale concludes the course by emphasizing the deeper meaning of these yogas for purifying our “three doors” of action, connecting us to a living tradition of practice, and helping us create an internal environment of spaciousness where the light of rigpa can dawn. You’ll discover practical techniques for recollecting these yogas and returning your mind to its natural state in daily life. 

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Meet Your Teacher

Dr. Ale Chaoul is the founding director of The Jung Center’s Mind Body Spirit Institute (MBSI). He holds a doctoral degree in religious studies from Rice University, with his dissertation focusing on applications of Tibetan mind-body practices in contemporary medical settings. He is an adjunct faculty at the Integrative Medicine Program at MD Anderson Cancer Center, where, since 1999, he has used mind-body techniques to facilitate healing in cancer patients and their families to reduce stress and promote work-life balance among support staff.

He is also an adjunct faculty member at The McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics, where he teaches medical students in the areas of spirituality, complementary and integrative medicine, and end of life care. Since 1995, he has been teaching Tibetan meditation and Tibetan yogic practices under the auspices of the Ligmincha Institute in various parts of the U.S.A., Latin America, and Europe.

His research and publications focus on mind-body practices in integrative care, examining how these practices can reduce chronic

stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders, and improve quality of life.

He is the author of Chod Practice in the Bon Tradition (Snow Lion, 2009), Tibetan Yoga for Health and Wellbeing (Hay House, 2018), and Tibetan Yoga: Magical Movements of Body, Breath and Mind (Wisdom Publications, 2021).

He has also published in the areas of religion and medicine, medical anthropology, and the interface of spirituality and healing. Dr. Chaoul is an advisor for The Rothko Chapel and has been recognized as a Fellow at the Mind & Life Institute.

Photo of Ale at lake: Volker Graf

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