12 Steps on Buddha’s Path

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“A heartfelt and moving description of one person’s spiritual journey through the mutually supportive practices of the 12-Step Program and the teachings of the Buddha.”—Arinna Weisman, co-author, The Beginners Guide to Insight Meditation


Bill, Buddha, and We

Laura S. Sylvia Boorstein

12 Steps on Buddhas Path is an inspiring firsthand account of what happens when life seems hopeless and the miracle of finding out that it’s anything but.

The author describes her own journey of recovery from alcoholism—an astonishing passage through strange and frightening territory—and marks out the path that allowed her to emerge from that darkness as a wise and compassionate person living a life that is joyous and free. This book is a powerful and enriching synthesis of the 12-Step recovery programs and the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism. It is sure to appeal to anyone touched by addiction, including those looking for new ways to understand and work with the tried-and-true 12-Step system. Tens of millions of Americans suffer from alcoholism and other forms of dependence, and 12 Steps on Buddhas Path offers hope and help for any one of them.

Though writing anonymously out of deep respect for 12-Step policies, the author is in fact a well-known professional author, deeply involved in the recovery and meditation communities.

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  • ISBN 9780861712816
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12 Steps on Buddha’s Path

Laura S. wrote 12 Steps on Buddha’s Path anonymously, out of deep respect for the 12-Step traditions. Under her real name, she is a well-known Buddhist teacher, a widely-published author, and is active in the meditation and recovery communities.

12 Steps on Buddha’s Path

Sylvia Boorstein is the author of many well-known books, including It’s Easier Than You Think, Funny, You Don’t Look Buddhist, and Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There. She lives in Geyserville, California.

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