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“Indispensable for anyone wanting to understand the mind. A superb, clear set of exercises that will benefit everyone.—Paul Ekman, Professor Emeritus at University of California San Francisco, and author of Telling Lies and Emotions Revealed


Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind

B. Alan Wallace Daniel Goleman

As featured in Psychology Today.

Meditation offers, in addition to its many other benefits, a method for achieving previously inconceivable levels of concentration. Author B. Alan Wallace has nearly thirty years’ practice in attention-enhancing meditation, including a retreat he performed under the guidance of the Dalai Lama. An active participant in the much-publicized dialogues between Buddhists and scientists, Alan is uniquely qualified to speak intelligently to both camps, and The Attention Revolution is the definitive presentation of his knowledge.

Beginning by pointing out the ill effects that follow from our inability to focus, Wallace moves on to explore a systematic path of meditation to deepen our capacity for deep concentration. The result is an exciting, rewarding “expedition of the mind, tracing everything from the confusion at the bottom of the trail to the extraordinary clarity and power that come with making it to the top. Along the way, the author also provides interludes and complementary practices for cultivating love, compassion, and clarity in our waking and dreaming lives.

Attention is the key that makes personal change possible, and the good news is that it can be trained. This book shows how.

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The Attention Revolution

B. Alan Wallace is president of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies. He trained for many years as a monk in Buddhist monasteries in India and Switzerland. He has taught Buddhist theory and practice in Europe and America since 1976 and has served as interpreter for numerous Tibetan scholars and contemplatives, including H. H. the Dalai Lama. After graduating summa cum laude from Amherst College, where he studied physics and the philosophy of science, he earned his MA and PhD in religious studies at Stanford University. He has edited, translated, authored, and contributed to more than forty books on Tibetan Buddhism, medicine, language, and culture, and the interface between science and religion.

Alan is also the founder of the Contemplative Research (CCR, near the town of Castellina Marittima in Tuscany, Italy.  The CCR is dedicated to researching the role and methods of the ancient contemplative practices of Shamatha and Vipashyana, and their involvement in mental health and wellbeing and to fathoming the nature and origins of human consciousness.

The program builds on the results of the Shamatha Project ( It is guided by a Scientific Advisory Board that includes the Nobel Prize-winning biologist Elizabeth Blackburn (Director, Salk Institute), neuroscientist and clinical psychologist David Presti (UC Berkeley), theoretical physicist Marcelo Gleiser (Director of the Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement at Dartmouth College), and philosopher Michel Bitbol (Director of Research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique). Cognitive scientists at the University of Pisa, the University of Trent, and the Sculoa Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa are committed to conducting research in collaboration with the CCR. The Nature of Reality: A Dialogue Between a Buddhist Scholar and a Theoretical Physicist: In this public dialogue, Alan Wallace and Sean Carroll, a world-renowned theoretical physicist and best-selling author, discussed the nature of reality from spiritual and scientific viewpoints.



A Contemplative Dialogue
Laurence Freeman, Alan Wallace, Eva Natanya
Buddhist and Christian Friends Serving Peace by Seeking Truth

During the week of March 21-28, 2020

The dialogue planned to take place at Bonnevaux will now take place online.

In these times of anxiety and fear we invite you to participate with three spiritual friends and teachers, representing different traditions, long personal practice, and a common love for unity among all sources of wisdom. We offer these dialogues and times of meditation and prayer as a way for us all to stay centered in the peace of the good heart, which is our common humanity, and the best source of hope for our turbulent world.

The dialogues will take place at 15.00 to 17.00 (France), 08.00 to 10.00 (Mountain Time US) on the following days. Please check your local time. They will be live transmission and the recorded version will be online soon after. Each Dialogue session will include a period of meditation led and guided by one of the dialogue partners.

Saturday March 21
Dialogue with Meditation led by Fr Laurence

Sunday March 22
Contemplative Mass led by Fr Laurence with commentary on sacred texts by the Dialogue partners

Tuesday March 24
Dialogue with Meditation led by Alan Wallace

Thursday March 26
Dialogue with Meditation led by Eva Natanya

Saturday 28 March
Dialogue with Meditation led by Alan Wallace

The Dialogue Partners

Alan Wallace is founder and director of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies and the motivating force behind the development of the Center for Contemplative Research in Tuscany, Italy.

Eva Natanya is a scholar of Christian systematic theology and Tibetan Buddhism, with long- term experience in interreligious dialogue worldwide.

Laurence Freeman OSB is a Benedictine monk of the Olivetan Congregation and Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation and of Bonnevaux, its international centre in France.

Here is the link for dialogue:

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The Attention Revolution

Daniel Goleman is the author of the international bestsellers Emotional Intelligence, Working with Emotional Intelligence, and Social Intelligence, and the co-author of the acclaimed business bestseller Primal Leadership. He was a science reporter for the New York Times, was twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, and received the American Psychological Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award for his media writing. He lives in the Berkshires.

Other books by Daniel Goleman:
Ecology, Ethics, and Interdependence

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