The Extremely Secret Dakini of Naropa

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A commentary to the practice of Vajrayogini composed by Kyabje Pabongkha Rinpoche—as revealed to him directly by Vajrayogini herself.


Vajrayogini Practice and Commentary

Pabongkha Rinpoche David Gonsalez

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The Extremely Secret Dakini of Naropa has become the basis for almost every subsequent Vajrayogini commentary in the Gelug tradition. Kyabje Pabongkha’s commentary is both very thorough in its presentation and deeply inspiring, providing rich detail on essential elements of Vajrayogini practice:

  • all eleven yogas of the generation stage
  • the transference of consciousness
  • tsok offering
  • left-sided conduct
  • and many other auxiliary practices

There is also a stunning explanation of the completion stage that provides many extraordinarily profound methods unique to the practice of Vajrayogini. The second half of the book contains several sadhanas for the practice of Vajrayogini, including six-session guru yoga as well as two sadhanas on the transference of consciousness.

The Dechen Ling Practice Series from Wisdom Publications is committed to furthering the vision of David Gonsalez (Venerable Losang Tsering) and the Dechen Ling Press of bringing the sacred literature of Tibet to the West by making available many never-before-translated texts.

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The Extremely Secret Dakini of Naropa

Pabongkha Rinpoche (1878–1941) was one of the great lamas of the twentieth century. He was the root lama of both tutors of the present Dalai Lama and the teacher of many of the other Tibetan lamas who have been bringing the Dharma to the West.

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The Extremely Secret Dakini of Naropa

David Gonsalez was the translator of numerous sadhanas and texts and served for many years as the personal translator and attendant for Gen Lobsang Chophel. He was the president of Dechen Ling, a nonprofit organization that works with the Tibetan community in exile to establish their monasteries and traditions.

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