How to Be Sick

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The must-have guide to the practices of the bestselling classic to help you cope with the pain and uncertainty of illness and navigate your relationships with family, friends, and medical professionals.

Praise for the First Edition

“This book can bring you more fully alive by healing your spirit.”—Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance

“Beautiful, heartfelt, and immensely courageous. Truly worth reading.”—Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness

“This is a book for all of us.”—Sylvia Boorstein, author of Happiness Is an Inside Job

“Practical, wise, and full of heart.”—James Baraz, author of Awakening Joy

“Told with relentless honesty and clarity.”—Stephen Batchelor, author of Confession of a Buddhist Atheist


Your Pocket Companion

Toni Bernhard

You won’t be alone when you have this pocket-sized treasure of transformative practices, written by beloved bestselling author Toni Bernhard.

In 2001, Toni got sick and never recovered. As she faced the confusion, frustration, and despair of a life that was suddenly severely limited, Toni had to learn how to be sick.

In this easy-to-use, easy-to-carry book, Toni shares practices from her bestselling classic How to Be Sick and also offers new suggestions and strategies for coping with a life impacted by chronic pain and illness. Because the book is organized by specific challenges, you can immediately find practices that can help when they’re needed most.

With this book in hand, you will discover the experiential wisdom that has helped Toni live a life of equanimity, compassion, and joy, despite her physical and energetic restrictions—and, sometimes, because of them. In the pages of this loyal companion, you’ll find help, solace, and inspiration, no matter what life challenge you’re facing.

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about the author
How to Be Sick

Toni Bernhard is the author of the award-winning How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers and How to Wake Up: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide to Navigating Joy and Sorrow. Until forced to retire due to illness, Toni was a law professor at the University of California–Davis, serving six years as the dean of students. She has been a practicing Buddhist for over twenty years. Her blog, “Turning Straw Into Gold,” is hosted on the website of Psychology Today. She can be found online at

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