Real Meditation in Minutes a Day

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“This easygoing, always-encouraging ‘mental workout buddy’ has been described as being ‘like a test-prep for life.’”— Newsweek.


Enhancing Your Performance, Relationships, Spirituality, and Health

Joseph Arpaia Lobsang Rapgay

As seen in Newsweek.

Got a few minutes? You can:

  • Reduce your stress, even when under pressure
  • Sleep better
  • Get re-energized
  • Think more clearly, and more creatively
  • Reconnect with the people who count on you
  • Learn to recognize and encourage the best in yourself

You know that meditation would probably be good for you, just like you know that you should floss your teeth. First, though, you need the motivation to make it happen. This book, with its jargon—free tone and incredibly simple exercises-little but effective things you can do in just a minute at work, in the car, wherever-will make you want to meditate. You’ll realize: it’s just a good thing to do. Like flossing—only for your mind.

Real Meditation in Minutes a Day is an easygoing, always-encouraging mental workout buddy, ready to teach and train you. Throughout the book, composite everypersons “Maria” and “Brian” recount their efforts, reinforcing the basics, answering FAQs, and removing common obstacles and quandaries.

With its clear language and exercises that even the busiest of us can find time for, Real Meditation in Minutes a Day can help anyone to make meditation’s very real benefits part of everyday life.

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  • ISBN 9780861715565
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Real Meditation in Minutes a Day

Joseph Arpaia, MD is a psychiatrist in Eugene, OR where he practices mind-body healing, integrating Western medicine with meditative practices to help people with chronic pain or behavioral disorders. He is also a courtesy assistant professor at the University of Oregon where he teaches graduate courses on mindfulness and its applications to therapy. He received his BS in chemistry from Caltech and is particularly interested in consciousness, probability and chaos. His website is

Real Meditation in Minutes a Day

Lobsang Rapgay, PhD, is Director of UCLA’s Classical Mindfulness-based Integrative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety and Anxiety-related Psychosomatic Disorders program.

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