Describing the Indescribable

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“A brilliant translation with a lucid and accessible commentary. Master Hsing Yun is truly a leading light of contemporary Chinese Buddhism.”—Professor Lance E. Nelson, University of San Diego


A Commentary on the Diamond Sutra

Master Hsing Yun Tom Graham

The Diamond Sutra is revered throughout Asia as one of the Buddha’s most profound expressions of the nature of reality. A gem among the vast Perfection of Wisdom literature, the Diamond Sutra elicits an experience of eternal truth through its use of a seemingly paradoxical style, as the reader goes back and forth between “what is” and “what is not.” Master Hsing Yun skillfully plumbs the depths of the Diamond Sutra, illuminating for us its power to change who we are and how we interpret our world.

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Describing the Indescribable

Master Hsing Yun is the founder of Fo Guang Shan—an international Buddhist order with temples worldwide—the affiliated Buddha’s Light International, and University of the West in Rosemead, California. Born in 1927, he is a forty-eighth patriarch of the Lin Chi (Rinzai) School of Zen Buddhism and lives in Taiwan.

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Describing the Indescribable

Tom Graham, a scholar and translator of Chinese, worked in East Asia for ten years. He now resides in San Diego, California.

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