Like A Dream, Like a Fantasy

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“This collection will benefit all who read it.”—Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


The Zen Teachings and Translations of Nyogen Senzaki

Nyogen Senzaki Soen Nakagawa

Just as D.T. Suzuki introduced the West to Zen philosophy, Nyogen Senzaki helped introduce it to Zen practice, becoming the first great Japanese meditation master to fully immerse himself in the everyday life of America. Like a Dream, Like a Fantasy collects many of his talks, essays, and poetry into one fascinating volume that offers an intimate, in-depth look at one ofWestern Zen’s earliest pioneers.

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  • ISBN 9780861712809
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Like A Dream, Like a Fantasy

Nyogen Senzaki, a colleague of Dr. D.T. Suzuki, was one of the first Zen masters to come from Japan to the United States. He founded the first Zen organizations in the new world, in California. He died in 1958.

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Like A Dream, Like a Fantasy

Soen Nakagawa (1907–1984) was a key figure in the transmission of Zen Buddhism to the Western world. His students also included Robert Aitken, Philip Kapleau, and many others.

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