The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

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“The Four Foundations of Mindfulness is, like all of Wisdom’s books, beautiful in all respects.”—Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Wherever You Go, There You Are


U Silananda

An absolute essential of Buddhist thought and practice.

In addition to practitioners of Insight meditation, those who engage in other meditation forms such as dzogchen, mahamudra, and zazen will find that The Four Foundation of Mindfulness provides new means of understanding how to approach and deepen their own practices.

The entire Great Discourse is included here, coupled with a beautifully clear commentary from the great scholar-yogi, Venerable U Sīlānanda.

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  • 256 pages
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  • ISBN 9780861713288
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The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

U Silananda was a Burmese Buddhist monk and scholar of vipassana meditation. He was the spiritual advisor of the Theravada Buddhist Society of America, which has a large center in Half Moon Bay, California, as well as the spiritual director of centers in Berkeley, San Jose, and Florida. Teaching in both English and Burmese, he was deeply loved for the depth of his knowledge and for the clarity of his teachings.

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