Introduction to the Manual of Insight

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In this course led by respected insight meditation teachers Steve Armstrong and Kamala Masters, you’ll be introduced to the Manual of Insight by the renowned teacher and meditation master Mahāsi Sayadaw, a foundational text at the root of the widespread practice of mindfulness in the West today. Through a series of video lectures and live video conferences on this foundational text about the practice of mindfulness, Steve offers clear guidance in navigating essential topics including mental purification, deepening insights at increasing stages of momentary concentration, and the nature of nibbāna. Kamala and Steve offer weekly guided meditations to bring the text alive in your own practice. Through select readings, short quizzes and community interactions, you’ll be supported in navigating the Buddha’s liberating Noble Eightfold path as articulated in this seminal text. This is a course produced in partnership with the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. BCBS is offering a limited number of scholarships; email them to learn more.

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Mahasi Sayadaw
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