Moody Cow Learns Compassion

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One of Spirituality & Practice’s Best Spiritual Books of 2012!


Kerry Lee MacLean

This delightful sequel to Moody Cow Meditates reintroduces us to Peter (aka Moody Cow) and meet his mischievous “boys-will-be-boys” friend Bully. Along the way we meet a snake named Jaws, who also goes on to appear in Peter’s terrifying dreams, and watch as Bully revels in the deaths of the crickets he feeds the snake. Peter is uncomfortable with the plight of the little creatures, earning him a new nickname: “Coward Cow” because Bully thinks he’s a wimp. Once again, Grandfather, the beloved old steer from Moody Cow Meditates, brings serenity and long-horned wisdom as he gently teaches to compassionately identify with other beings. And the story ends with everyone sharing a laugh — and even Jaws and the crickets are happy. This book also includes two activities — compassionate cricket release and compassionate worm rescue — for parents and children to do together.

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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages, 8.00 x 10.25 inches
  • $16.95
  • ISBN 9781614290339
  • ebook
  • 32 pages
  • $12.99
  • ISBN 9781614290322
about the author
Moody Cow Learns Compassion

Kerry Lee MacLean is the author and illustrator of several award-winning and best-selling picture books, including Moody Cow Meditates and Peaceful Piggy Meditation. Her latest book is Peaceful Piggy Bedtime. Kerry has been leading family meditative arts workshops in North America, Australia and Europe for 15 years. She is the mother of five young adults who still employ meditation as an important tool in their busy lives.

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