108 Metaphors for Mindfulness

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“If you want to receive mindfulness teachings in a way that is playful, wise and memorable, read this book. Arnie uses the most ancient of teaching devices—metaphorical stories and images—to convey the possibility and blessings of living a life of presence.”—Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance


From Wild Chickens to Petty Tyrants

Arnie Kozak

This engaging and accessible little book is filled with both humor and profound teaching. It presents 108 metaphors for mindfulness, meditation practice, the nature of the self, change, deep acceptance, and other related concepts that Dr. Kozak has cultivated over twenty-five years of meditating, practicing yoga, and working as a clinical psychologist.

Metaphors are indispensable to understanding mindfulness, and to help deeply internalize it and make it a part of everyday life. These mentally catchy images can motivate us to practice, show us how and where to bring mindfulness to life in our personal experience, and help us employ powerful methods for transformation.

This book was previously published under the title Wild Chicken and Petty Tyrants.

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108 Metaphors for Mindfulness

Arnie Kozak is the founder of Exquisite Mind, a consultation service for individuals (in the form of mindfulness-based psychotherapy), as well as for the community, healthcare and other professionals, and corporations. Exquisite Mind teaches mindfulness, the art and skill of living in the present, as a vehicle for managing stress and enhancing quality of life. He was also a Clinical Fellow in Psychology at the Harvard Medical School, where he completed his doctoral training. He lives in Burlington, Vermont.

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